Magic Window brings beautiful timelapse views from around the world to any display. Using Magic Window is like taking a mini vacation anytime anywhere. Watch sunrises, sunsets, cities, oceans, and more. Spending a few moments watching nature imagery every day can make you more relaxed and enhance your mood. We offer apps on Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android. We support AppleTV through AirPlay. Issues? Feedback? Check out Help and Support.

Magic Window - Timelapse Desktop (Mac)

Our flagship product Timelapse Desktop brings our best views directly to your desktop wallpaper. Experience wallpaper that slowly and gradually changes over time revealing magical details. Sunrises, sunsets, day, and night shots of locations around the world ranging from the heart of the city to remote escapes.


Magic Window adds a relaxing and calming element to your day-to-day computing experience. Visit the Mac App Store today to pick up a copy and transform your desktop into a magical escape.

Magic Window - Living Pictures (iPad/iPhone/Apple TV)

Our original window for iPad and iPhone is our most established product and includes more than 100 beautiful views mixed with relaxing ambient sounds. Magic Window lets you take a little vacation any time anywhere with complete sunrises, sunsets, day, and night scenes.

Magic Window includes a sleep timer and alarm clock so you can fall asleep to a sunset and wake up to a sunrise no matter what your schedule is. It also includes complete weather functionality supported by Weather Underground so you can look out this window and see what the weather is where you are or anywhere in the world. Grab a copy and start relaxing today - available exclusively in the App Store.

Earthlapse (iPad/iPhone)

Experience an amazing window in space with magical views from the International Space Station directly on your iPhone or iPad. We took time lapse imagery captured by astronauts aboard the ISS and applied our own magic process to craft interactive views from space that have never been seen before. You have to touch it to believe it. Comes complete with clock and weather functionality so the app is practical as well as beautiful. 

City Timelapse (Android)

Our first ever app on Android, City Timelapse brings three of our favorite city views to your device as Live Wallpaper. Yes, that's correct, the one thing that we would love to offer on iPhone but can't is available on Android! See time magically change behind your lock screen and experience it every time you unlock your phone. Developed with our partners LeanMeanTech this is some of the fastest performing and lowest overhead live wallpaper available for Android.

If you need more information on any of our products or have any issues please contact us at