Beautiful views for everyone

Time lapse, slow motion, and long duration photography and videography.
Consumer products, custom installations, capture, and licensing.


Magic Window

Turn any display into a window with a beautiful view with our award winning "Magic Window" line of apps. We offer beautiful apps for Apple TV, Mac, iPad and iPhone that include some of our absolute best visuals. Try any of the apps today to find out why millions of people love Magic Window.

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CUSTOM INstallations

Make our beautiful views a permanent fixture in your space with our custom installations. We integrate advanced displays with our beautiful videos to create artwork that will calm any space. Our installations are ideal for luxury housing, hotels, offices, conference centers, hospitals, and wellness facilities.

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Licensing & Production

Our catalog of over 5,000 4K time lapse videos is the largest such collection in the world. Captured by our expert photographers and mastered with the most advanced hardware, software, and production techniques. Our videos demonstrate the power of 4K displays like no other. Over a thousand companies use our videos for applications including television, movies, commercials, websites, and public installations.

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