Support for Apple TV Apps

If you're experience an issue with any of the apps on Apple TV we apologize and are happy to help. If the information on this page doesn't resolve the issue you're having please contact us at and we will work with you to resolve the issue.  


tvOS 11 Update & Issues

Apple has just released the tvOS 11 update for Apple TV. If you experience issues with any of our apps on tvOS 11 please e-mail us at or fill out the bug report form here. We greatly appreciate bug reports and feedback. 

We are currently testing updates for the apps which include support for 4K HDR. If you are interested in getting early access to the updates to help us test please join the Magic Window Early Access program.

tvOS 11 Issue: Short pause & infrequent hang

We are observing an issue with tvOS 11 that causes all of our Apple TV apps to occasionally pause for 3-10 seconds. In more rare cases it will cause the app to stop playing the scene. This is an Apple tvOS bug that is fixed in tvOS 11.1 (including Beta 1). We're hoping Apple will release this update by mid-October.

If you need a fix urgently you can get the tvOS 11.1 beta from the Apple Beta Software Program. In the meantime we appreciate your patience if you encounter this issue. If the app is running but the scene is not playing simply quit and restart the app.


Issue with app launching - will not launch, white screen, doesn't play

There are a number of situations where the App Store will either fail to install the app or corrupt the installation of the app through an update. When this happens you may experience a white screen when launching the app, or a semi-transparent screen that shows through to the background. This is not a problem with the app itself, but the Apple TV and the App Store's install of the app.

To resolve this issue:

1. First, simply restart your Apple TV. In many cases this resolves the issue. The easiest way to do this is from Settings > System > Restart.

2. If restarting does not work, you will need to delete and reinstall the app. To do this click and hold the app icon until it shakes, then press the play button to delete it. You can then return to the App Store and download the app again from the Purchases tab. 

3. In some cases after deleting the app the Apple TV will need to be restarted before the App Store recognizes the deletion. If the App Store refuses to install the app, or a ghost app is shown in its place, restart the Apple TV and try again.

If none of this works please contact us at and we will help figure out what the problem is. Thank you for your patience.