Support for Apple TV Apps

If you're experience an issue with any of the apps on Apple TV we apologize and are happy to help. If the information on this page doesn't resolve the issue you're having please contact us at and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Most common issues:

1. Downloads fail, won't start, or are missing.

2. App won't run, won't install, won't play.

3. Portions of display show incorrect brightness in HDR (11.3 BETA only).

1. Downloads fail, won't start, or are missing

All of our Apple TV apps download additional videos after they are first launched. This process will take some time depending on your internet connection.

As required by policy Apple hosts all of the downloads for our Apple TV apps. Occasionally their download services have problems. This can be very frustrating.

If you have issues downloading scenes, including if the text "Download Needed" "Retry Download" or "Download Failed" shows below scenes, please take the following steps:

  1. Check your network connection and confirm your Internet service is on-line.
  2. Restart your Apple TV and open the app - this will retry all the downloads.
  3. If this fails, delete the app. Instructions on how to delete apps can be found here.
  4. Restart your Apple TV again.
  5. Reinstall the app from the App Store (free).

It is critical to restart the Apple TV after you delete the app because this will guarantee any cached downloads will be removed. If you install the app again without restarting that may work, but it won't always work. If you still have issues with downloads after these steps please contact us at

Most of the issues with downloads are resolved with Apple's tvOS 11.2 update. If you have not updated to tvOS 11.2 we highly recommend doing so as this update fixes the most common cause of this issue.

2. App won't start - will not launch, white screen, doesn't play

There are a number of situations where the App Store will either fail to install the app, corrupt the installation of the app through an update, or download a corrupted scene resource. When this the app may fail in a number of ways including crashing on launch, not showing any scenes, not doing anything on launch, or specific scenes refusing to download. 

To resolve this issue:

1. First, simply restart your Apple TV. In many cases this resolves the issue. The easiest way to do this is from Settings > System > Restart.

2. If restarting does not work, delete the app, restart your Apple TV, and then reinstall it from the App Store. To do this click and hold the app icon until it shakes, then press the play button to delete it. You can then return to the App Store and download the app again from the Purchases tab. 

It is critical that you restart the Apple TV after you delete the app but before reinstalling it. In many cases the corrupted file is on the device but is not accessible to the app or deletable by or with the app. On a restart the device flushes out these files.

If none of this works please contact us at and we will help figure out what the problem is. Thank you for your patience. 

3. Portions of display show incorrect brightness in HDR (11.3 BETA only).

This issue affects tvOS 11.3 Beta 1 and 2 only on Apple TV 4K connected to an HDR display with HDR mode on. In this situation you may observe portions of the display showing incorrect brightness and contrast. This is a bug in tvOS 11.3 that we have reported to Apple (RADAR bug #37429301.) At this time there is no way for us to fix it.

In general, we recommend against ever installing tvOS betas, as they have few advantages and generally create problems like this.