24hr Wallpaper Beta

Thank you for participating in the 24hr Wallpaper Beta. This page contains everything you need to know to get started. Please read the instructions here carefully before reporting issues or requesting support. We greatly appreciate your help in testing and look forward to hearing feedback from you.


We need feedback from you to make 24hr Wallpaper into a top tier app. After you've run the app for a week please fill out the beta feedback form. If you have any issues or problems please fill out the bug report form.

Beta 3 feedback - Please submit by 4/21/2017

Beta bug report - have a problem? Let us know here.

Direct feedback & support - e-mail us here. 


  1. Download the 24hr Wallpaper Beta from the link contained in the announcement e-mail.
  2. Quit Magic Window before running 24hr Wallpaper or disable it on the desktop. For more information on using Magic Window with 24hr Wallpaper see this section below
  3. The downloaded zip file "24hr-beta3.zip" should be automatically unzipped creating a folder "24hr Wallpaper Beta 3" in the download location. This folder contains the beta and a README file. If it was not unzipped automatically, double click the zip file to unzip it.
  4. Move the "24hr Wallpaper" application from the above mentioned folder to your Applications folder. You can trash the README and folder once you've read it and copied the app.
  5. Launch the app from the Applications Folder. If you launch it first and then move it it will crash. The app must be run from the Applications folder or it may not work.


If you are upgrading from a previous beta follow these instructions:

  1. Quit your current version of 24hr Wallpaper.
  2. Download and unzip the new beta from the link in your e-mail. Copy the new beta over the existing one in your Applications folder. 
  3. Open 24hr Wallpaper from the Applications folder. You will know you are running the upgrade because the welcome window will specifically say "Beta 3." 
  4. Important - Remove old downloads! Once you open the new beta, open 24hr Wallpaper preferences, select the Downloads tab, and click "Remove Downloaded Files." Many scenes have changed as well as the resolution of the 4K scenes and if you do not do this you will not have the latest scenes and may have extra files around.
  5. Some preferences from Beta 2 may not be compatible with Beta 3. If this happens you may experience a crash on launch or hang when opening Preferences. To resolve this, quit 24hr Wallpaper, open the Terminal app on your Mac, and run "defaults delete com.jetson.24hrwallpaper". This will reset the preferences.


Important installation notes

  • 24hr Wallpaper does not start with a wallpaper set by default. You must open the scene browser, select a wallpaper, and click "Set as Wallpaper." When you pick a new scene, you select it by clicking "Set as Wallpaper." Highlighting a scene does not set it. This is different from Magic Window and may be confusing for existing users.
  • Multi-monitor support is good in Beta 3 but not perfect. Please see "common questions and issues" below if you are running with multiple monitors. Things are good if your monitor configuration stays the same.
  • Make sure your location is set correctly. Automatic location lookup on Mac requires WiFi to be on. It's not as reliable as it is on your phone or tablet. Once you run the beta open Preferences and make sure the app has your location right. Press "Choose..." to manually select your location if lookup fails.
  • Your Mac needs to allow apps to be installed from identified developers to run the 24hr Wallpaper beta. By default your Mac may be restricted to apps from the Mac App Store. To change this setting, open System Preferences, select Security, and make sure the "App Store and identified developers" option is selected. If you can't click it, you need to click the lock in the bottom left hand corner to grant permission.
  • Launch at Login: Starting in Beta 3 there is an Launch at Login option built into the app. You can enable Launch at Login in 24hr Wallpaper Preferences. You can continue to use the method described below, however you don't need to do both. To do this the "traditional way" right click on the app icon in the dock and select "Open at Login" under the "Options" menu.


Scene Downloads

24hr Wallpaper automatically downloads all images it needs. The total size of all images is 2-5GB depending on what resolution you download. At this time it does not warn you when it is downloading - it does it automatically when the wallpaper is set. If you have shuffle on, when a scene is shuffled to it will download that scene. If you have download quotas be careful when running the beta. To download all scenes set the app to shuffle every 5 seconds in preferences. This will initiate all downloads within a few minutes.

Wallpaper REsolution

By default 24hr Wallpaper will download images at the optimal resolution for the highest resolution display connected to your Mac. The maximum supported resolution is 5K (5120x2880). You can change this setting in 24hr Wallpaper Preferences. If you connect a display that is higher resolution that one previously connected you will need to adjust this setting. In the future this will happen automatically.

Wallpaper Types

There are two general types of wallpaper in the app - "Single" scenes which are 24 hours from a single viewpoint, and "Mix" scenes which contain two more more views to make a complete 24 hour loop. Some of the mixes have many different scenes, some are just a couple of time-lapses put together. Our biggest question right now is whether people prefer one or the other more. We appreciate your feedback on this.

Running Magic Window with 24hr Wallpaper

You may want to continue using Magic Window as a screen saver or on one of multiple displays. There are a few different ways to do this.

  1. If you want to run only 24hr Wallpaper during the beta, disable the "Open at Login" option in Magic Window Preferences and quit Magic Window. We generally do not recommend running both apps at once.

  2. If you want to run the Magic Window screen saver with 24hr Wallpaper we recommend you use the system screen saver plug-in. You can download the plug-in here. This is how we do it. You don't need to be running the app with this plug-in.
  3. If you want to use the Magic Window app screen saver instead you can open Magic Window preferences and uncheck "Enable Timelapse Wallpaper on Desktop."
  4. We don't currently support running Magic Window as wallpaper on one display and 24hr Wallpaper on another. This may be possible in a future beta.


Common Questions & Issues

#1 Common issue: Wallpaper does not set

After pressing "Set Wallpaper" in the scene browser you may experience a situation where the wallpaper does not actually get set. The most common cause of this is existing wallpaper settings which select a color instead of image as wallpaper. It can also happen as the result of an OS bug. To resolve the problem: 

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Open System Wallpaper
  3. Select Desktop Pictures folder
  4. Select an image as your wallpaper
  5. Press Set as Wallpaper in 24hr Wallpaper again

#2 Common issue: Multi-monitor isn't working correctly

Multi-monitor support is very hard to get right and at the moment there are a range of bugs with it. In Beta 3 there are no known issues with multi-monitor support. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

  • By default you have to set the wallpaper individually on each display. To set on both displays enable the "show the same scene on every display" option in Preferences. This option did not work in Beta 1.
  • Connecting or disconnecting a display may cause a crash especially if a scene has not been downloaded. This should be fixed in Beta 2
  • When a display is connected or disconnected the app may forget what scene is playing and you will need to select the wallpaper again or select "next scene" from the menu bar menu. This should be fixed in Beta 2.
  • In Beta 1 the shuffle setting did not apply properly to both displays. If shuffle is enabled, it may work inconsistently across two displays. This should be fixed in Beta 2.

Thanks for your patience while we work on these issues. 


By participating in the 24hr Wallpaper Beta you agree to the following license. This is a standard software license that is less restrictive than you get from us through the Mac App Store. We have to attach it here because this is distributed outside of the Mac App Store.

1. This is an agreement between Licensor (Jetson Creative, LLC) and Licensee who is being licensed to use the 24hr Wallpaper Beta.

2. Licensee acknowledges that this is only a limited nonexclusive license. Licensor is and remains the owner of all titles, rights, and interests in the Software.

3. This License permits Licensee to install the Software on more than one computer system owned by the Licensee. Licensee will not make copies of the Software or allow copies of the Software to be made by others.

4. Photography used in the app and downloaded through the app may not be used in any other context. The license does not cover use commercial or other use of the contained photography. All photography is copyright Jetson Creative through Hal Bergman Photography.

5. This Software is beta and is not subject to a warranty of any kind. It may have flaws and faults that we can not predict at this time. 


7. Licensee agrees to defend and indemnify Licensor and hold Licensor harmless from all claims, losses, damages, complaints, or expenses connected with or resulting from Licensee's business operations.

8. Licensor has the right to terminate this License Agreement and Licensee's right to use this Software upon any material breach by Licensee.

9. Licensee agrees to return to Licensor or to destroy all copies of the Software upon termination of the License.

10. This License Agreement is the entire and exclusive agreement between Licensor and Licensee regarding this Software. This License Agreement replaces and supersedes all prior negotiations, dealings, and agreements between Licensor and Licensee regarding this Software.

11. This License Agreement is governed by the law of Oregon applicable to Oregon contracts.

12. This License Agreement is valid without Licensor's signature. It becomes effective upon the earlier of Licensee's signature or Licensee's use of the Software.