Beautiful views for every display

Magic Window brings beautiful timelapse views from around the world to any Apple device or connected display. Using Magic Window is like taking a mini vacation anytime anywhere. Watch sunrises, sunsets, cities, oceans, and more. Spending a few moments watching nature imagery every day can make you more relaxed and enhance your mood. Questions? Feedback? Issues? Check out Help and Support.

Our collection of premium Apple TV apps

We are extremely excited to bring Magic Window to the new Apple TV. We have supported Apple TV through AirPlay for a long time but always wanted to do more. Now with the new Apple TV we can. Magic Window on Apple TV is not one app but several thematic apps. We will continue to expand the apps and add more over time. 

Earthlapse 4K

This amazing app uses photography captured by astronauts aboard the International Space Station to create beautiful views of the Earth for you to enjoy. The combination of our advanced processing techniques and Apple's Metal produce the smoothest most vivid timelapse views of Earth ever seen. The #1 overall Paid TV App in 2016. Available on Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone.


Sunlapse 4K

The follow-up to the #1 app Earthlapse, Sunlapse brings amazing time-lapse visuals of the sun from the Solar Dynamics Observatory to the Apple TV. Captured and produced by NASA and mastered by Magic Window, this app brings the amazing power of the sun to your Apple TV. The perfect natural fireplace. Available now: Search the Apple TV App Store for Sunlapse.


Naturescapes 4K

A fantastic collection of 36 beautiful nature views from our favorite locations. Includes Yosemite National Park, Mt. Shasta, Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake Tufas, Zion, Bryce, and many more. Available now: Search the Apple TV App Store for Magic Window.


Cityscapes 4K

We have mastered a collection of 36 of our absolute best city timelapses and put them into this amazing app. The app includes views from around the world including New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Tokyo, and more. Watch complete sunrises, sunsets along with day and night views. Available now: Search the Apple TV App Store for Magic Window.


Countryside 4K

We have put together a collection of 32 beautiful countryside views from around the world. Locations include Napa, Sonoma, Tuscany, English Countryside, Spanish Countryside, and more. Countryside includes more dynamic and motion views than any of the other apps. Available now: Search the Apple TV App Store for Magic Window.


Electric Sheep

We worked with famed video artist Scott "Spot" Draves to bring his amazing psychedelic "Electric Sheep" visuals to the Apple TV. Created using a genetic algorithm running on thousands of computers around the world this truly unique electronic art looks fantastic on the Apple TV. Available now: Search the Apple TV App Store for Electric Sheep.



We worked with acclaimed photographer Louie Schwartzberg to create this magical collection of winter imagery for your Apple TV. Magic Window Winterscapes includes a combination of time-lapse and video filmed by Louie as well as the Magic Window team. The app includes some of our most dynamic visuals yet including motion and rotating views. Available now: Search the Apple TV App Store for Magic Window.


Magic Flowers

We worked with acclaimed photographer Louie Schwartzberg to bring you this beautiful collection of 30 timelapse flowers. Many of these flowers took weeks or longer to bloom and it takes Louie's master skill to capture them at this quality. Magic Flowers is currently available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Available now: Search the Apple TV App Store for Magic Flowers.


Magic Fireplace

Magic Fireplace is hands down the best fireplace app for Apple TV. It contains a collection of 20+ fireplaces that we captured while traveling filming for Magic Window. It is the only professional quality fireplace app on the App Store. We know there are a lot of bad fireplace apps out there - this isn't one of them. Available now: Search the Apple TV App Store for Magic Fireplace.


Magic Window for Mac - Timelapse Wallpaper & Screen Saver

Our flagship products Magic Window - Timelapse Desktop and Magic Window 4K bring our best views directly to your desktop wallpaper. Experience wallpaper that slowly and gradually changes over time revealing magical details. Sunrises, sunsets, day, and night shots of locations around the world ranging from the heart of the city to remote escapes. Choose the version that is right for your Mac:

Magic Window 4K is for Macs with 3K, 4K, and 5K displays. If you own a Macbook Pro 15", an iMac with Retina 5K display, iMac with Retina 4K Display or a Mac Pro with a connected 4K or 5K display this is the app for you. The ultra high definition 4096x2160 resolution works on nearly any advanced display configuration. 

Magic Window - Timelapse Desktop is for most Mac desktops and laptops with standard displays. If your Mac is not one of the ones listed above this is the version you want. It contains the largest number of scenes and is by far the best value for displays at or below 1920x1200 resolution.

Magic Window - Yosemite National Park is a special edition of Magic Window for Mac created to celebrate one of our favorite locations. If you absolutely love Yosemite and want a complete set of amazing views for your desktop just from there this app is for you. 


Magic Window for iPad & iPhone

Our original window for iPad and iPhone is our most established product and includes more than 100 beautiful views mixed with relaxing ambient sounds. Magic Window lets you take a little vacation any time anywhere with complete sunrises, sunsets, day, and night scenes.

Magic Window includes a sleep timer and alarm clock so you can fall asleep to a sunset and wake up to a sunrise no matter what your schedule is. It also includes complete weather functionality supported by Weather Underground so you can look out this window and see what the weather is where you are or anywhere in the world. Grab a copy and start relaxing today - available exclusively in the App Store.



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