Enjoy more sunlight with Skylight

A new sun clock for everyone from the makers of Magic Window

One of the easiest ways to become a happier person is to experience more sunlight every day. Skylight can help make that happen through a beautiful app experience designed for everyone. Skylight tracks the sun and offers you useful information and notifications that help align your life around sunlight. Download Skylight from the App Store today and start enjoying more sun.

Create a routine around sunrise every morning. Remind yourself to step out at solar noon for a sun break. Take better photos by shooting during Golden Hour. Gain a better sense of sunlight lost and gained through the seasons and adjust your routine to make sure you get enough light. The uses are endless but the goal is the same - better living through more sunlight.


Features include 

  • Beautiful fluid visual display showing the position of the sun over time

  • Comprehensive notifications & alarms for daily and yearly sun events

  • Apple Watch app and complications including light remaining

  • Today Widget with sun information and daylight complication

  • 3D Touch support with access to Today Widget from the app icon

  • Spotlight support for quick lookup of sun events in search

  • Unique year view showing the entire year's sun events in a single view

  • View events for any date in the past or future for any location on earth

  • Specialized time modes for photography and science

  • Support for all display sizes and device orientations

  • Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

With Magic Window we wanted to help people who are stuck inside by bringing the outdoors in. With Skylight we take the opposite approach helping people get outside to enjoy the sun. Using the apps together you can live a happier life enjoying both real and virtual outdoor experiences as your life allows.

Skylight for Apple Watch

A central component of Skylight is the beautiful Apple Watch app and complications. The sun meter complication allows you to quickly see how much light is left in the day. With a quick glance you know how long you have to get outside and get some sun.


Thank you for supporting independent developers

Enjoy Skylight