24 Hour Wallpaper Start Page
for your Web Browser

Along with our new Mac app 24 Hour Wallpaper we are excited to share an all new way to use the new app through your Web Browser. We've created a new HTML5 start page you can use for your default home page that provides a fresh time-aligned image every time you open your browser or create a tab. This makes a great addition to the overall Magic Window experience.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 6.40.54 PM.png

Available Now: Safari and pure HTML5
We recently updated the web app to deal with an API provider change. If you experience a black screen please reload the page by holding “Shift” and clocking reload. This will clear the browser cache.

The 24 Hour Wallpaper Start Page is available now for Safari and people who want to get creative with other browsers and HTML5 platforms. The app works fine on all HTML5 platforms, but some platforms require a plug-in to work right.

  1. Visit http://tab.24hourwallpaper.com

  2. Open Safari Preferences

  3. Click "Set to Current Page" below home page

  4. Set "New windows open with" to "Home page"

  5. Set "New tabs open with" to "Home page"

You are welcome to use this Start Page in any browser in any way you want to provided that it is not repackaged as another product.

Coming Soon: Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge

For the app to function properly in other browsers requires a plug-in or browser add-on. We are currently testing add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge and will release them as soon as they are ready. Thanks for your patience.

Wallpaper for Microsoft Windows

It is now technically possible to use 24 Hour Wallpaper in Microsoft Windows using Wallpaper Engine or another 3rd party application. We are working on making an official app for this purpose in the future. But for now you are welcome to use Wallpaper Engine or any other application that allows a web page to be set as your wallpaper. If you find a setup you like we encourage you to contact us and let us know.


Feedback, Questions, and Support

This Start Page is still in development and we greatly appreciate feedback. If you have any suggestions or issues please contact us at support@magicwindowapp.com. We are happy to help.