Remarks on Apple's new "Dynamic Desktop" feature in macOS

Contact: Josh Michaels,
Product information:
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We are excited to see Apple's new macOS feature Dynamic Desktop which is remarkably similar to our app 24 Hour Wallpaper. This is by far the most validating thing that has ever happened to any of our products. Having worked on this for more than seven years without much attention it is exciting that there is sudden interest in it.

Our app 24 Hour Wallpaper offers a wide variety of time-sync wallpapers available today for all Mac models with macOS versions going back to 11.11. Unlike Apple's version, ours work in both light and dark modes, and include 2X more images per wallpaper. We also have an HTML5 version in beta that brings this feature to a wide range of platforms including Windows and Chrome. We're excited to expand the reach of the app over time.

In general most people do not stick with the default macOS wallpaper as they prefer something that is more personalized. Certainly now there will be interest in time-sync wallpaper, and at the moment we're the only other purveyors of time-sync wallpapers on the market. So there's no reason to be anything but excited.

The idea of a time-sync wallpaper is by no means novel. Our app pays homage to the app Sundial which did this decades ago using actual film. The Apple Watch already has a comparable feature. While our approach and implementation are unique, we were by no means the first people to do this. 

We encourage people who are excited about this concept to check out 24 Hour Wallpaper. And if you run a company that is interested in adopting this concept into your products we're happy to talk.

Enjoy Earth,