Relax your desktop with Magic Window

Timelapse Wallpaper & Screen Saver for Mac

Enjoy beautiful slow-moving timelapse views as your desktop wallpaper and screen saver. Experience wallpaper that slowly and gradually changes over time revealing magical details. Sunrises, sunsets, day, and night shots of locations around the world ranging from the heart of the city to remote escapes. Magic Window is motion wallpaper done right.
Magic Window and Magic Window 4K are available in the Mac App Store.
Learn which version is right for you below or click here.


Giant catalog of pro grade wallpapers

Magic Window includes a giant catalog of professional grade wallpapers all captured by the Magic Window team specifically for the app. We are a professional photography team known worldwide for top-quality timelapse, slow-motion, and aerial photography and videography. Our videos can be found in film, television, public art, and even fine art galleries, not to mention in tens of thousands of homes and offices around the world.


Set the pace with Speed Control

Exclusive to Magic Window, Speed Control allows you to set the wallpaper at a speed that best fits your desktop. If you like a lot of motion, choose “Fastest” speed and you’ll see the wallpaper visibly move. If you don’t like motion but want to see the wallpaper change, choose “Slowest” for a still wallpaper that gradually changes. Speed Control is what makes Magic Window stand out from all other motion wallpaper apps.

Get the right version for your Mac

Magic Window comes in two flavors. Magic Window 4K is for Mac’s with large 4K and 5K displays. We recommend Magic Window 4K for the iMac 4K, 5K, and any Pro Mac with a 4K or 5K display. For laptops and Macs with smaller displays we recommend the standard edition of Magic Window. You can use either version on any Mac. However the standard edition uses the least power and CPU which is a important consideration for laptops.

Magic Window 4K is for Macs with 4K and 5K displays. If you own an iMac with Retina 5K display, iMac with Retina 4K Display or any Pro Mac with a connected 4K or 5K display this is the app for you. The ultra high definition 4096x2160 resolution works on nearly any advanced display configuration. 

Magic Window is for most Mac desktops and laptops with standard displays. If your Mac is not one of the ones listed above this is the version you want. It contains the largest number of scenes and is by far the best value for displays at or below 1920x1200 resolution.

Magic Window - Yosemite National Park is a special edition of Magic Window for Mac created to celebrate one of our favorite locations. If you absolutely love Yosemite and want a complete set of amazing views for your desktop just from there this app is for you. 


Screen Saver Plug-in

Owners of Magic Window and Magic Window 4K are encouraged to install our Mac Screen Saver Plug-in. This integrates the screen saver directly with macOS enabling many important features like display lock. This is also the best way to use Magic Window with 24 Hour Wallpaper. See our plug-in guide for more information and to install the Mac Screen Saver Plug-in.


We’re always happy to help

If you have an issue with any of our apps we want to make it right. Check out our support page or contact us at We will get back to you as soon as possible to help. If you got the wrong version of the app and would like to trade it’s no problem - just send us an e-mail.