Magic Window Mac
Screen Saver Plug-in

We receive many requests for a system screen saver plugin or a lockable screen saver. Unfortunately Apple will not allow apps in the Mac App Store to ship system screen savers. However we can offer one for download here on our website.

Download Magic Window Mac Screen Saver Plug-in Beta

If you have any problems with this please send us e-mail at


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 3.37.47 PM.png
  1. Download the plug-in and unzip it if needed.
  2. Open the "MagicWindowScreenSaver2" folder from the zip if needed.
  3. On your computer double click on the file "Magic Window.saver" to install the plug-in. You will be prompted for permission to install.
  4. To enable the screen saver open System Preferences, Desktop & Screen Saver and select the Screen Saver tab. Then select "Magic Window" from the screen saver list.
  5. If you are currently using the in-app screen saver you will want to disable it once the plug-in is installed. To disable it, open Magic Window preferences, select the Screen Saver tab, set the slider to "Never."

NOTE: This screen saver is code-signed with Apple Developer ID. Your system must allow apps downloaded from "App Store and identified developers" for it to run. 

To change this setting, open System Preferences, select Security, and select "App Store and identified developers" as pictured above. If you can't click it, you need to click the lock in the bottom left hand corner to grant permission.

Technical Notes

  • If you have Magic Window 4K installed this will only play scenes from Magic Window 4K. Otherwise it will play scenes from Magic Window, Tahoe Blue, Magic Flowers, and Yosemite National Park (whichever you have installed). 
  • There is a known bug where the system will not allow you to exit the screen saver for ~6 seconds randomly. We are not sure what the cause of this is; if the screen saver won't unlock just give it a moment.
  • This screen saver does not show the scene name. It also does not support scene or playlist selections from the Magic Window app.

License Agreement