Nature to go

Our apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch keep you connected with nature while you're on the go. Using Magic Window on iPhone or iPad is like taking a mini vacation anytime anywhere. Watch sunrises, sunsets, cities, oceans, and more. Spending a few moments watching nature imagery every day can make you more relaxed and enhance your mood. Paired with our sun clock Skylight our apps help you get more nature experience on-line and off. Questions? Feedback? Issues? Check out Help and Support.

Relax with Magic Window for iPad & iPhone

Our original window for iPad and iPhone includes more than 100 beautiful views mixed with relaxing ambient sounds. Magic Window lets you take a little vacation any time anywhere with complete sunrises, sunsets, day, and night scenes.

Magic Window includes a sleep timer and alarm clock so you can fall asleep to a sunset and wake up to a sunrise no matter what your schedule is. It also includes complete weather functionality supported by Weather Underground so you can look out this window and see what the weather is where you are or anywhere in the world. Grab a copy and start relaxing today - available exclusively in the App Store.

Download Magic Window for iPad/iPhone

Enjoy more sunlight with Skylight
the sun clock for everyone


One of the easiest ways to become a happier person is to experience more sunlight every day. Skylight can help make that happen through a beautiful app experience designed for everyone. Skylight tracks the sun and offers you useful information and notifications that help align your life around sunlight. Download Skylight from the App Store today and start enjoying more sun.

Create a routine around sunrise every morning. Remind yourself to step out at solar noon for a sun break. Take better photos by shooting during Golden Hour. Gain a better sense of sunlight lost and gained through the seasons and adjust your routine to make sure you get enough light. The uses are endless but the goal is the same - better living through more sunlight.

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