Bristlecone Pine (WinDD)


Bristlecone Pine (WinDD)


Another Dynamic Desktop from the High Sierras.
Fixed view 16 image 5K (5120x2880) DDW for Windows.
No watermark. Requires WinDynamicDesktop.

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Enjoy more of the High Sierra with this Dynamic Desktop.
Captured in Bristlecone Pine, California.

Windows Dynamic Desktop - requires WinDynamicDesktop - 5K Resolution (5120x2880) - DDW/JPEG format.
Photography by Hal Bergman. No watermark.

This download is for personal use only. You may use it as desktop wallpaper on any computer you own.
It can not be redistributed in any form - meaning simply you can’t give it to other people or post it for download.
For other uses, including commercial licensing, please contact us.