24 Hour Wallpaper Support

Thank you for purchasing 24 Hour Wallpaper. We're sorry if you have had an issue with the app and are happy to help you resolve it. Common issues and solutions are documented on this page. Feel free to e-mail us at any time for hands-on support at support@magicwindowapp.com. We're also happy to hear your feedback and suggestions on any aspect of the app.

Magic Window Mac users:

Check out our guide on using Magic Window and 24 Hour Wallpaper together!

Common Questions & Issues

Common issue #1: Wallpaper does not set

After pressing "Set Wallpaper" in the scene browser you may experience a situation where the wallpaper does not actually get set. The most common cause of this is existing wallpaper settings which select a color instead of image as wallpaper. It can also happen as the result of an OS bug. To resolve the problem: 

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Open System Wallpaper
  3. Select Desktop Pictures folder
  4. Select an image as your wallpaper
  5. Press Set as Wallpaper in 24 Hour Wallpaper again

Common issue #2: Wallpaper disappears (typically after display connect/disconnect)

You may find the wallpaper disappears on one display, becomes gray, or reverts to the macOS default system wallpaper particularly after connecting or disconnecting a  display. When this happens the wallpaper may appear momentarily and fade in/out, but does not stay around on the desktop. This is an indication of the same issue described above. Follow the same steps as for issue #1.

Common issue #3: Wallpaper stops updating

You may find that the wallpaper stops updating to mach the time of day. Most commonly this is caused by the app not running. Make sure 24 Hour Wallpaper is running - you can open it from the Applications folder. If the app is running but not updating, try selecting a different scene. This will usually resolve the issue.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.00.30 PM.png

Common issue #4: Wallpaper resolution is too low

By default 24 Hour Wallpaper will download images at the optimal resolution for the highest resolution display connected to your Mac. The maximum supported resolution is 5K (5120x2880). You can change this setting in 24 Hour Wallpaper Preferences under the "Downloads" tab. If you connect a display that is higher resolution that one previously connected you will need to adjust this setting.


Common issue #5: Incorrect location

24 Hour Wallpaper needs to know your location to align the wallpaper to your time of day. If you accept permissions for location when the app first starts the app will try to get your location automatically. If you don't accept permissions or have WiFi disabled, you will need to manually enter your location. To do this click "Choose..." in 24 Hour Wallpaper Preferences under the "Place & Time" tab.


Common issue #6: Running both Magic Window and 24 Hour Wallpaper

If you are a Magic Window user you may need to make some adjustments to make sure that 24 Hour Wallpaper does not conflict. We offer a complete guide on using Magic Window and 24 Hour Wallpaper together. We encourage you to read the guide. Below are the highlights.

Check out our guide on using Magic Window and 24 Hour Wallpaper together.

  1. If you want to run the Magic Window screen saver with 24hr Wallpaper we recommend you use the system screen saver plug-in. You can download the plug-in here. This is how we do it. You don't need to be running the app with this plug-in.

  2. If you want to use the Magic Window app screen saver instead you can open Magic Window preferences and uncheck "Enable Timelapse Wallpaper on Desktop."

  3. If you were running Magic Window and no longer want to use it be sure to disable the "Open at Login" option in Magic Window preferences.

  4. To run Magic Window on one display and 24 Hour Wallpaper on another first disable the "Hide system wallpaper with black color" option in Magic Window. Then in each app disable opposing displays from the menu bar menu. This should work, but there could be edge cases where there are problems. If you have issues please contact us.