Magic Window Screen Saver

One of the best features of Magic Window is the screen saver. Unfortunatley it can be a bit tricky to setup. We've included instructions here on how to configure it. If you're unable to get it working feel free to contact us by e-mail at for help

Setting up the Standard Screen Saver

The standard screen saver can be a bit tricky to setup. You must complete three steps: (1) Enabling the Magic Window Screen Saver, (2) Disabling the System Screen Saver, and (3) Making sure Energy Saver is set to activate at the right time.

Part 1: Enable Magic Window Screen Saver

  1. Open Magic Window preferences and select the Screen Saver tab.
  2. Slide the time slider to when you want the screen saver to activate.
  3. Test the Screen Saver by pressing the "Test Screen Saver" button. This will momentarily activate the Screen Saver.

Part 2: Disable System Screen Saver

(1) Open System Preferences and select Desktop & Screen Saver (you can just press the "Open Screen Saver..." button in Magic Window preferences as seen above)

(2) Select the "Screen Saver" tab

(3) Change "Start After" to "Never" (at the bottom of the window)



Part 3: Reduce Energy Saver

(1) In System Preferences select Energy Saver (you can also press "Open Energy Saver..." in Magic Window preferences as seen above). 

(2) Make sure that Energy Saver is set to sleep your display and computer AFTER the Magic Window screen saver is activated. For example if you activate Magic Window at 5 minutes and set Display Sleep to 30, you will get 25 minutes of Magic Window and then your display will go to sleep. Note that there are two different tabs for setting this option for when on Battery and when on the Power Adapter.